Covid-19 Sampling Robot
On the evening of June 12, 2020, Zhang Yuxi, chairman of Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, said in an interview with the Beijing News that the vegetable and fruit hall of Xinfadi Market will be open for business as usual on June 13. At the same time, he pointed out that the new crown virus was detected from the chopping board of imported salmon during the sampling inspection by the relevant departments, and the source of this product came from the Beijing-Shenzhen seafood market.
Product operation process

1. Take the swab/preservation tube

Select different types of flocking swabs and virus delivery medium according to the sampling site, open the independent packaging of the swab, and unscrew the screw cap of the virus preservation medium tube.
2. Swab sampling

Wipe back and forth for at least 3 times with slight force at the collected site, immerse the swab head in the tube containing virus preservation solution, discard the tail, and tighten the cap of the tube.

3. Test tube labeling

Label printing or MARKER pen handwriting, fill in the inspection form.
4. Discard and Sterilize

Disinfect work surfaces and dispose of waste, dispose of biosafety waste bags.
5. Put in a biosafety shipping box
Place the labeled tubes into the biosafety shipping canister and then into the biosafety shipping box.

The main parameters

Robot load: 5KG
AGV load: 200KG
Body size: 910mm X 710mm X 400 mm
Robot Speed : 0~2.0m/s
Movement speed: 0~45m/min
Working accuracy: ±0.05mm
Parking accuracy: ±10mm
Running direction: forward/backward/turn
Navigation mode: laser navigation/magnetic guide (optional)
Battery: Lithium battery, 60Ah, 48VDC
Full load running time: ≥5 hours
Charging method: self-charging/manual quick change
Safety device: emergency stop/laser anti-collision/collision detection, etc.

Maximum load: 10KG
Degrees of freedom: single arm 7 X 2, head 2
Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm
Work space: 800mm X 2
Maximum linear speed at the end: 1.0m/s
Tool interface: GB/T 14468.1-50-4-M6 (EQV ISO 9409-1)
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